Sunday, November 20, 2011

I'm a $30 Idea Winner from Superior Threads

When Superior Threads newsletter announced it is now carrying Hugo's Amazing Tape, I immediately thought of a handy tip I could share. I love Hugo's Amazing Tape and have used it for several years to keep my threads from unwinding into a terrible mess in my thread drawer. The tape is a non-sticky reusable almost clear tape that will cling to itself but not to other surfaces--ideal to wrap around thread. My tip: Cut the ends of the tape with pinking shears so the end is easier to find on the spool. It was published in the November newsletter as a $30 Idea Winner. Bob Purcell added: Bob's Note: Another good idea is to color the end of the tape with a marking pen so it can be easily found.

My name was misspelled as Martha Ginni, but it was really me.  I'm eager to order more of my favorite thread!


Julia said...

Congratulations Martha. What a great idea.

norma said...

My sister bought that tape in Houston last year and we meant to look for it again this year, but we forgot. I like Superior thread and use their Rainbow all the time. They were the sponsor when I one my first prize in Houston a few years ago.

norma said...

Of course I meant "won" not "one". Proofread, proofread! And I meant to say congratulations on your win.

Martha Ginn said...

Yea, Hugo's Amazing Tape. And it will be easy to order along with Superior's great thread!
Congrats on your Houston entry this year.
Our fingers type faster than our brains think sometime.

Vivian Helena said...

love your idea for the tape, congrats.